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Dear Class of 2020 Graduates and Families,
This year’s high school diploma goes beyond a recognition of academic achievement. This year, we are facing an opponent like no other we have seen in our lifetime nor knew much about. We have been challenged and tested with unfamiliar rules that have changed the game unexpectedly. But we are still here. For the graduates of the Class of 2020, this diploma represents you and the perseverance that has driven you to get to where you are today.

No one envisioned the end of this school year to be what it is right now. We know the feeling of loss that graduates are experiencing because the HMBHS Staff feels it too. And we all agreed that we didn’t want you to finish your high school years without a proper send-off. We focused on the aspects of a graduation ceremony that are so meaningful: hearing your name announced, walking across the stage to receive your diploma, and hearing your family cheer for you with pride. We planned and revised and modified until we found a way to provide you with the opportunity to receive your diploma as well as stay within the guidelines of the county health order.

Below are the details to this year’s “Graduation Celebration!”:
● Location: Half Moon Bay High School - see map for more details
● Dress Code: Graduates will wear their black Cap and Gown.
● Graduates will be allowed to bring up to 4 guests, as long as they are from the same household as the Graduate.
● The Graduate, along with his/her guests, will visit 6 stations:

○ Station #1: Welcome!
■ Introduction to the celebration

○ Station #2: Name
■ Graduates will be given a 3x5 card to write their name exactly as it should be announced, including pronunciation.
*Please bring your own pen.*

○ Station #3: Stage & Diploma
■ Graduates will hand the runner the 3x5 card then walk to the steps behind the stage while the guests proceed to an area in front of the stage.
■ When the Graduate’s name is announced, then he/she will walk across the stage to receive the diploma.
■ A photographer will be there to take a picture of the Graduate.
■ A videographer (hopefully) will be there to film the Graduate walking across the stage.

○ Station #4: Principal Nazar
■ An opportunity for Principal Nazar to say congratulations to each graduate.

○ Station #5: Grad Night
■ Although Grad Night is not happening this year, The Grad Night Committee, thoughtfully, would still like to recognize all Graduates

○ Station #6: PTO
■ Our PTO, who usually hosts the post-ceremony reception, has creatively designed a post-”Graduation Celebration!” for the final station

Additional Important information:
● Each Graduate (along with a maximum of 4 guests from the same household) will be assigned a specific date and time on either June 2nd or June 3rd
○ Date and time will be determined and communicated after collecting RSVPs
● Only one Graduate (and guests) will be allowed at each station. Once a Graduate leaves a station, the next Graduate can approach it.
● Please be respectful of time spent at each station considering the need to allow enough total time for each Graduate to participate.
● All health orders will be strictly enforced.
○ Masks must be worn at all times by both the Graduate and his/her guests.
○ Gloves are recommended.
○ No hugs or handshakes with people outside of your household members.
○ Each group (Graduate with guests) must remain at least 6 feet apart from other groups.
○ When parking your car, ensure there is at least one parking space between your car and the nearest car on either side.

● The hope is to piece together the clips of Graduates to make one complete video replicating our typical Graduation ceremony. We are currently working out the details and will let you know if this hope becomes a reality. I believe that in order to make this happen, we will need several volunteers. Please contact Deanna Tower at if you would like to help with this project!
● Speeches will be filmed prior to June 2nd. We will communicate procedures with the specific individuals (Valedictorian, Salutatorian, etc).
● As is every year, participation in the Graduation Ceremony is optional.
● See the map on the next page for the planned layout of the ceremony.
● Please note the possibility of changes. Some may be small enough not to affect the overall celebration. Most importantly, these plans are completely dependent upon the county health order directive and any possible changes that may arise. If any significant changes are needed, we will communicate as soon as we know.

It’s time to celebrate you, Graduates!
Congratulations to the Class of 2020!


Deanna Tower
Assistant Principal, Pupil Services